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crazy not reasonable or practical; silly; foolish. [1/4 definitions]
excessive more than is needed or considered fair; not reasonable.
extravagant more than is reasonable in price; too expensive. [1/2 definitions]
extreme far beyond what is usual or reasonable. [1/5 definitions]
fanatic a person who is enthusiastic about something in a way that is extreme or not reasonable. [1/2 definitions]
illogical not logical or reasonable.
overwork to work more than is reasonable or healthy. [1/3 definitions]
sane sound; reasonable. [1/2 definitions]
sense something logical, sensible, or reasonable. [1/9 definitions]
theory a reasonable, widely accepted explanation for why something happens. [1/3 definitions]
unreasonable beyond reasonable limits; much more than is fitting. [1/2 definitions]
warrant to serve as reasonable grounds, adequate reason, or justification for. [1/2 definitions]