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balk to stop suddenly and refuse to go on. [2/3 definitions]
boycott to refuse to buy, use, or go to, in order to make a protest or bring about a change. [1/2 definitions]
clam up (informal) to stop talking or refuse to speak.
decline to refuse to do, in a polite way. [1/4 definitions]
defy to refuse to obey. [1/3 definitions]
deny to say that something is not true; refuse to agree with. [2 definitions]
disobey to fail or refuse to obey.
disown to refuse to have any relationship with; deny one's ownership of.
ignore to refuse to recognize or fail to take notice of; pay no attention to.
insist to be firm about something; refuse to give up. [1/2 definitions]
litter to scatter refuse or other objects about. [1/5 definitions]
over a barrel unable to refuse because of circumstances.
quit to stop; give up; refuse to take further part in. [1/3 definitions]
rebel to fight against those in control or refuse to obey their rules; revolt. [1/5 definitions]
reject to refuse to take, approve, or believe.
scorn to refuse. [1/3 definitions]
strike to refuse to continue working. [1/15 definitions]
tip2 a British word for a place specifically intended for dumping rubbish and refuse. This meaning of tip has the same meaning as garbage dump. [1/6 definitions]
waste things that are thrown away; garbage; refuse. [2/11 definitions]
withhold to refuse to give. [1/2 definitions]