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at ease a standing position in the military. When at ease, soldiers may relax but must stay in place and cannot talk.
family room a large room in which a family gets together to relax, talk, or play games.
living room a room in a home in which people can relax or gather together. The living room usually has a couch and comfortable chairs.
loosen to make loose; relax. [1/2 definitions]
lounge a room or area where people can relax or wait. [1/5 definitions]
massage a treatment of the body that involves rubbing and kneading to help the blood circulate better and to relax muscles. [1/2 definitions]
play activity that is meant to relax or amuse. [1/8 definitions]
resort a place where people go to relax and have fun while on vacation. [1/3 definitions]
rest1 to relax by sitting quietly, sleeping, or lying down. [1/12 definitions]
restless not able to relax, sit still, or stay quiet. [1/3 definitions]
tense1 unable to relax one's body or emotions. [1/3 definitions]
unwind to free from stress; relax. [2/4 definitions]
wind down (informal) to relax. [1/2 definitions]