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bail1 to pay for the release of (often followed by "out"). [1/3 definitions]
belch to release gas from the stomach through the mouth in a noisy burst; burp. [1/3 definitions]
cough to release air noisily from the lungs. A cough results from illness or from breathing in foreign matter. [1/4 definitions]
discharge to unload, empty, or release. [3/6 definitions]
hydrogen bomb a very powerful type of bomb. When its hydrogen atoms are forced together under great heat and pressure, they release energy in a huge explosion.
leak the release of secret or private information without permission. [1/5 definitions]
let off to release from punishment or something unpleasant; excuse.
loosen to undo or release. [1/2 definitions]
parole the release of a prisoner before the time of punishment is finished. Prisoners who are given parole have behaved well in prison. When on parole, they must obey certain rules. [1/2 definitions]
secrete1 to produce a fluid or other substance and release it into or out of the body.
undo to release from or remove wrapping or fastening from. [1/3 definitions]
unfasten to release from; undo; separate.