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Allah the name of the supreme deity in the Muslim religion.
Bible any collection of writings considered sacred to a religion. [1/3 definitions]
Buddhism a religion from Asia, founded in the sixth century B.C. by Buddha. Buddhism teaches freedom from the self and from one's wants.
censor an official who decides what art, movies, or books may be published. A censor works for a government, religion, or other organization, and promotes its ideas. [1/3 definitions]
Christian of, concerning, or coming from the person, actions, or words of Jesus Christ, or the religion based on his teachings. [2/4 definitions]
Christianity the Christian religion, including its many separate branches. [2 definitions]
devout devoted to religion. [1/2 definitions]
doctrine a belief or set of beliefs held by a religion, government, or other group.
faith any particular religion and its teachings. [1/3 definitions]
festival a ceremony or celebration that repeats, often once a year, and involves special activities or amusements. A festival is held in honor of a special event, group, or person and often has its roots in religion. [1/2 definitions]
founder1 a person who establishes something new and important, such as an institution, religion, or nation.
ghetto a part of a town or city in which people of a particular race or religion are forced by law to live. [1/2 definitions]
heavenly having to do with heaven as in religion or the space above the earth. [1/2 definitions]
Hinduism the main religion of India, which has many gods that are part of the same supreme being. Hinduism has a strict system of social classes and a belief that the soul can be born again after death into a different body.
holy sacred according to a particular religion. [2/3 definitions]
Islam a religion founded by Muhammad. Its holy book is called the Koran. [3 definitions]
Jew a person whose religion is Judaism. [1/2 definitions]
Jewish of or having to do with Jews, their culture, traditions, or religion.
Judaism the religion of the Jewish people. It is based on the belief in one God and on two holy books, the Old Testament of the Bible and the Talmud.
Koran the sacred book of Islam that is the basis of Muslim religion. Muslims believe that Allah gave the words of the Koran to the prophet Muhammad. The Koran is written in Arabic.
martyr a person who chooses to die or be killed rather than give up his or her religion. [1/2 definitions]