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abbey a religious place or building where monks or nuns live.
altar a raised table or platform used for religious ceremonies.
anoint to honor or make holy by applying oil as part of a religious ceremony.
anthem a religious song including words from the Bible. [1/2 definitions]
bar mitzvah a Jewish ceremony that celebrates a boy becoming an adult and the beginning of his religious duties. The bar mitzvah usually takes place when the boy is thirteen years old.
bat mitzvah a Jewish ceremony that celebrates a girl becoming an adult and the beginning of her religious duties. The bat mitzvah usually takes place when the girl is thirteen years old.
bless to make holy by religious ritual. [1/3 definitions]
Buddha the title of the Indian religious leader and teacher who founded Buddhism.
chaplain a member of the clergy who leads religious services and does counseling for a military unit, a hospital, or other group.
choir a group of people who sing together, especially a group that sings religious music; chorus.
church a building used for public Christian religious services. [2/3 definitions]
civil of the daily activities of citizens as opposed to those of religious or military groups. [1/3 definitions]
clergy the group of people who have the authority to lead religious services, such as ministers, priests, and rabbis.
confirmation a ceremony that makes a person a member of a church or other religious organization. [1/3 definitions]
congregation the members of a church or other religious organization. [1/2 definitions]
convent a group of nuns living together and devoted to a religious life. [1/2 definitions]
conversion the changing of a person's religious beliefs. [1/2 definitions]
denomination a religious group or division. [1/2 definitions]
fast2 to eat very little or no food for religious or political reasons. [1/3 definitions]
fiesta a festival or religious celebration in nations where Spanish is spoken.
hermit a person who lives alone and away from others. Often a person becomes a hermit in order to lead a religious life.