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compromise to endanger the character or reputation of. [1/3 definitions]
credit the right to buy things at the present time and not pay until later. Having credit often depends on one's reputation for paying one's debt. [1/7 definitions]
dishonor loss of honor or reputation. [2 definitions]
disreputable having a bad reputation; not having the respect or trust of others.
major great in importance, position, or reputation. [1/3 definitions]
name reputation. [1/5 definitions]
respectable having a good reputation or being thought well of in one's community. [1/4 definitions]
slander a false statement or statements made to hurt someone's reputation, or the act of making such statements. [1/2 definitions]
smear to damage the reputation or name of by using slander. [1/5 definitions]
standing rank, position, or reputation. [1/3 definitions]