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appeal an earnest request for help. [4/6 definitions]
application a request. [1/4 definitions]
apply to make a request. [1/5 definitions]
approach to go to with a request. [1/6 definitions]
ask to make a request of. [2/5 definitions]
beseech to make an important or urgent request to; beg.
challenge a calling into question; request for an explanation or proof. [1/6 definitions]
denial the act of refusing to honor a request. [1/2 definitions]
encore a request by an audience that a performance continue. [1/3 definitions]
imperative sentence a sentence that tells someone to do something or makes a request. An example of an imperative sentence is "Tie your shoes."
inquiry a question or request for information. [1/2 definitions]
move to make a request at a meeting. [1/11 definitions]
order a request for goods to be made or delivered, or the goods themselves. [1/10 definitions]
petition a formal, written request by many people that is made to a person in authority. [2 definitions]
prayer1 a serious request. [1/3 definitions]
trick or treat used as a playful greeting and request while carrying out the Halloween tradition of trick or treat. [1/2 definitions]
urge to strongly request or beg for (something). [1/5 definitions]
yes what you order or request will be done (used to express willingness). [1/4 definitions]