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answer an action in response. [1/7 definitions]
emotion a state or condition that is marked by such a feeling or response. [1/2 definitions]
impressed having a strong, lasting, or positive feeling about someone or something as a response to having met or encountered that person or thing.
interaction action of one upon another or others; action in response to others; influence, or effect.
react to act, or feel a certain way, in response to something. [1/2 definitions]
reaction an action or response to something that has happened or has been done.
reflex having to do with a response or reaction that is automatic and not controlled by conscious thought. [2/3 definitions]
reply an action or motion in response to something. [1/4 definitions]
respondent a person who gives a response or reply.
sensitive showing a strong response to chemicals or other things in the environment. [1/3 definitions]
stimulus something that causes a physical response in a body part. [1/2 definitions]