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add to make the correct total or expected result (often followed by up). [1/6 definitions]
admission the act, process, or result of allowing to enter. [1/3 definitions]
after as a result of. [1/7 definitions]
amnesia partial or complete loss of memory as a result of an injury to the brain, illness, or shock.
and then, as a result. [1/3 definitions]
attribute to view as the result of. [1/3 definitions]
average the number gotten by adding two or more quantities and then dividing that result by the number of quantities added. [1/7 definitions]
award to give as a result of a legal decision. [1/3 definitions]
become of to happen to; to be the result of.
break the act or result of breaking or coming apart into pieces. [1/19 definitions]
by-product some thing or result that comes from an action intended for some other purpose.
carving the work or result of cutting and shaping wood, stone, or other material.
cause something or someone that brings about a result or effect. [1/4 definitions]
chalk up to regard as the result of; attribute. [1/2 definitions]
combination the result of an act of combining; things that are brought together or combined. [1/2 definitions]
comparison the act of comparing or the result of being compared. [1/2 definitions]
comprehension the act, process, or result of comprehending; understanding.
compromise a settlement of a disagreement in which each side gives up something, or the result of such a settlement. [1/3 definitions]
conclusion an ending, result, or outcome. [1/2 definitions]
consequence that which follows; result. [1/2 definitions]
consequently as a result; therefore.