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contrast to show or reveal differences when compared. [1/4 definitions]
declare to reveal or make known. [1/3 definitions]
demonstrate to reveal; show. [1/4 definitions]
exhibit to allow to be seen; show; reveal. [1/3 definitions]
expose to uncover or reveal. [1/3 definitions]
give away to tell or reveal. [1/2 definitions]
let the cat out of the bag to reveal a secret.
show to provide an example of; reveal. [1/10 definitions]
spill1 (informal) to tell or reveal. [1/7 definitions]
tattle to tell or reveal by talking carelessly. [1/2 definitions]
tell to reveal a secret or private matter. [1/7 definitions]
uncover to make known; reveal. [1/2 definitions]
unearth to find or reveal by searching. [1/2 definitions]
unfold to reveal, develop, or make known or clear by explanation. [1/4 definitions]