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bicycle to ride on a bicycle. [1/2 definitions]
bike to ride a bicycle or motorcycle. [1/2 definitions]
bobsled to ride or race in a bobsled. [1/2 definitions]
bumper car one of a number of miniature electric cars that are part of an amusement at a fair or carnival. People ride in the cars and try to bump into other cars or escape from being bumped. The cars are designed to be safe and enjoyable for the riders.
bumpy of a ride or flight, causing passengers and objects to suddenly bounce up and down, or to feel as if they are being bounced. [1/2 definitions]
bus1 to ride in a bus. [1/3 definitions]
cab1 a car that carries people who need a ride and pay a fare for this; taxicab. [1/3 definitions]
canoe to ride in or paddle a canoe. [1/2 definitions]
carfare the money that is paid for a ride in a taxi, bus, or subway.
catch to get aboard in time to ride. [1/13 definitions]
commute to ride or drive a long distance to and from work or school. [1/2 definitions]
cowboy a man who herds and takes care of cattle. Cowboys work on ranches and often ride horses.
cowgirl a woman who herds and takes care of cattle. Cowgirls work on ranches and often ride horses.
fare the price paid to ride on a bus, train, taxi, or airplane, or a passenger who pays this price. [1/2 definitions]
Ferris wheel a ride at a carnival or amusement park made of a very large upright wheel with seats hanging from the rim. A motor turns the wheel while people sit in the seats.
fire truck a large truck that firefighters ride in to go to a fire and that carries the things firefighters need to put out fires; fire engine.
fuselage the body of an airplane. The engines, wings, and tail are attached to the fuselage. The passengers, cargo, and crew ride in the fuselage.
gallop to ride a horse at full speed. [1/3 definitions]
hitchhike to try to get, or to get, a free ride in a vehicle.
lift a ride given to a person who is traveling on foot. [1/9 definitions]
lope to trot or run gracefully and easily with long steps; to ride a horse at this gait. [1/2 definitions]