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brim the top edge of a hollow object such as a cup; rim. [1/3 definitions]
curb a raised rim where a street meets the edge of the sidewalk. [1/3 definitions]
discus a disk made of wood with a metal rim, thrown for distance by some track and field athletes. [1/2 definitions]
Ferris wheel a ride at a carnival or amusement park made of a very large upright wheel with seats hanging from the rim. A motor turns the wheel while people sit in the seats.
frame a rim or border that fits around something. [2/5 definitions]
lip the edge of a container such as a cup; rim. [1/3 definitions]
rim to fit with a rim or serve as a rim for; border. [1/3 definitions]
spoke2 a rod or bar that goes from the center of a wheel to the rim.
spool an object shaped like a cylinder with a rim on each end. Thread, tape, wire, and film are wound on spools.
tambourine a small drum that has metal disks attached around the rim. The player shakes the tambourine with one hand and strikes it with other.
tire2 a rubber covering that fits around the rim of a wheel. Tires are usually filled with air.
tray a flat, open piece of wood, metal, or plastic used to carry, hold, or display food, drink, or small items. It often has a low rim. [1/2 definitions]