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annual ring one of the rings of wood on the inside of a tree that can be seen when the tree is cut into logs. Each ring represents a year of growth.
arena a stage, ring, or other enclosed area where shows or sports events are held. [1/3 definitions]
atoll an island or reef that surrounds a lagoon. An atoll is shaped like a ring.
bagel a kind of bread roll that is shaped like a ring. Bagel dough is boiled in water before it is baked.
band2 a thin strip of hard material, often metal, in the shape of a ring. [1/4 definitions]
bangle a bracelet in the form of a solid ring.
chime to ring out. [1/3 definitions]
clang to make a clear, loud sound or ring, such as that made when two heavy metal objects are struck together. [1/2 definitions]
clank a short sound, as of metal being struck, that does not ring. [1/4 definitions]
curl to take on the shape of a coil or ring. [3/6 definitions]
doughnut a small, sweet cake shaped like a ring, that has been fried in deep fat.
hoop a large ring of wood, plastic, or metal, such as a child uses as a toy or an animal jumps through. [1/4 definitions]
key ring a metal ring for holding keys.
life preserver a device used to help a person float in water and not drown. A life preserver is usually made in the shape of a ring, belt, or vest.
padlock a lock with a bar shaped like a U used to fasten doors, boxes, or cables. One end of the bar moves on a hinge. The other end of the bar is slipped through a ring before being snapped into the body of the lock. [1/2 definitions]
peal to make a long, loud noise; resound; ring. [1/3 definitions]
rang past tense of ring2.
rim a metal ring or hoop from which a basketball net is hung. [1/3 definitions]
ring1 to put a ring around; circle. [2/6 definitions]
ring2 to call someone on the telephone. This meaning of ring is mostly used in British English. [1/11 definitions]
ring finger the third finger of the hand, especially the left hand, on which an engagement, wedding, or similar ring is traditionally worn.