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agitation the act or process of stirring up something, forcing it to move around or back and forth. [1/2 definitions]
brush up on to bring up to date or review.
catapult to spring up or forward as though thrown by a catapult; leap. [1/4 definitions]
cough to bring up or eject by means of coughing. [1/4 definitions]
cud food that certain animals such as cows bring up from the first stomach to chew again.
deodorant a substance for stopping or covering up unpleasant odors.
dustpan a flat pan shaped like a small shovel with an attached handle. It is usually made of metal or plastic. A dustpan is used for gathering up dust or dirt while sweeping with a broom.
incite to urge to action by stirring up emotions. [1/2 definitions]
lift to bring upward; raise. [1/9 definitions]
modernize to make modern; bring up to date. [1/2 definitions]
poker1 a pointed metal rod for stirring up a fire.
raise to ask or bring up. [1/8 definitions]
rear2 to raise to adulthood; bring up. [1/3 definitions]
throw up to bring up food and liquid from your stomach through your mouth; vomit.
update to provide with new or current information; bring up to date. [1/2 definitions]