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chance an action that could have bad results; risk. [2/8 definitions]
chance it (informal) to take the risk of some bad thing happening.
danger a chance or likelihood that something bad or harmful may happen; peril; risk. [1/2 definitions]
endangered at risk of becoming seriously hurt or killed. [1/2 definitions]
gamble to take a risk, hoping for a good result. [1/4 definitions]
hazard something that causes a danger or risk. [3 definitions]
invite to bring about by doing or saying; to risk causing. [1/3 definitions]
jeopardy danger of harm, death, or loss; at risk.
peril the condition of being in danger or at risk. [2 definitions]
risk to take the risk of. [1/3 definitions]
safe free from the risk of harm. [1/4 definitions]
speculate to risk a loss of money or property with the promise or hope of making large amounts of money. [1/2 definitions]
treacherous full of danger or risk. [1/2 definitions]
venture an activity or undertaking in which there is risk or the result is not certain. [1/3 definitions]