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Amazon the longest river in South America. It flows from the Andes mountains in Peru across northern Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. [1/2 definitions]
Amazon River a major river that flows from the Andes mountains in Peru across northern Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean.
aqueduct a structure like a bridge for carrying a waterway or pipe across a river or valley. [1/2 definitions]
bank1 the ground at the edge of a river or stream. [1/3 definitions]
basin a large area of land drained by a river. [1/2 definitions]
Brahmaputra River a major river of Asia that starts in Tibet and flows through northern India and Bangladesh into the Bay of Bengal.
bridge1 a structure built over a river, railroad, or other obstacle, that allows people to travel across. [1/4 definitions]
Cairo the capital city of Egypt, on the Nile River.
Chang Jiang River the longest river of Asia, flowing from Tibet through central China into the East China Sea. An older name in English for the Chang Jiang River is the Yangtze River.
Colorado a river that flows southwest from this state to the Pacific Ocean. [1/2 definitions]
Congo River a river of central Africa flowing into the Atlantic Ocean; Zaire River.
cove a small bay in a shoreline of a sea, lake, or river.
creek a stream that is smaller than a river; brook.
crossing a place where a street or river can be crossed. [1/2 definitions]
dam1 a wall built across a river or stream to keep the water from flowing and to raise the water level behind it. [1/2 definitions]
Danube River a river that begins in Germany and flows through central Europe, eventually emptying into the Black Sea.
District of Columbia an area on the Maryland side of the Potomac River that contains only the U.S. capital city of Washington. (abbreviation: DC)
effluent sewage or other liquid waste that flows into a body of water such as a river or lake.
Euphrates a river in southwest Asia. It flows from eastern Turkey south through Iraq. It joins the Tigris River in a valley where some of the most ancient civilizations were located.
fall (usually plural) a sudden drop in a river or stream that causes water to fall; waterfall. [1/10 definitions]
ferry a boat or ship that carries people or freight back and forth across a river or other body of water. [1/2 definitions]