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bison a very large mammal with a large head, humped shoulders, and short curved horns. Bison used to roam the plains of North America in large herds, but they were hunted until they were almost extinct. North American bison are also called buffalo, but they are not related to the true buffalo of Africa and Asia. Bison have hooves and are closely related to cattle. Bison eat only plants and chew their cud. [1/2 definitions]
prowl to move or roam quietly and secretly, searching for something. [1/3 definitions]
ramble to wander or stroll without any particular goal; roam. [1/3 definitions]
range a large, open area of land on which livestock graze and roam. [2/8 definitions]
wander to move about with no purpose, aim, or plan; roam. [1/3 definitions]