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blockhouse a structure used to protect people who are working on or watching a rocket launch or weapons test. [1/2 definitions]
launch pad the platform or base from which a rocket or missile is launched.
liftoff the moment of launching a missile or rocket, or the movement of the rocket itself.
missile a powerful weapon shot at a target in a rocket that has its own controls. [1/2 definitions]
nose cone the front part of a rocket that is shaped like a cone.
reentry the return of a spacecraft or rocket into the earth's atmosphere. [1/2 definitions]
retrorocket a small rocket attached to a spacecraft and used to help the spacecraft slow down or change direction. Retrorockets fire in the direction opposite to the direction the main rocket is going in.
rocket1 to move or rise as swiftly as a rocket. [1/3 definitions]
skyrocket to rise or cause to rise with the speed, suddenness, and height of a rocket. [1/2 definitions]
thrust the force that pushes a jet or rocket engine forward as it takes off. [1/4 definitions]