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arrow a thin pointed rod that is shot from a bow. [1/2 definitions]
baton a thin rod or stick used by a conductor in leading an orchestra. [2/3 definitions]
crowbar a heavy, metal bar or rod with a flattened and bent end. A crowbar is used to lift or pry things.
hickory the wood of a hickory tree, or a rod made of this wood for use as a walking stick or whip. [1/2 definitions]
lead2 a rod of graphite that makes marks. It is used in pencils. [1/2 definitions]
nail a slim, pointed metal rod with a flat top. A nail is hammered into pieces of wood or other material in order to fasten them together. [1/3 definitions]
needle a long, slender rod used for knitting or crocheting, and made of steel, wood, plastic, or some other material. [1/6 definitions]
pivot a rod or pin upon which another part rotates, swings, or moves back and forth. [1/3 definitions]
poker1 a pointed metal rod for stirring up a fire.
pole1 a long, round post or rod made of metal, wood, or some other material.
prod to poke with, or as though with, a pointed rod or instrument. [1/3 definitions]
ramrod a rod that fits inside the barrel of a gun. A ramrod is used for pushing gunpowder into the barrel or for cleaning the barrel of the gun.
rod see "fishing rod." [1/4 definitions]
scepter a rod carried by a king or queen as a symbol of royal power.
shaft a rod in a machine that turns and is often attached to gears. The shaft transfers power or motion from one part to another. [1/6 definitions]
spindle a thin rod on which thread is twisted and wound as it is spun.
spit2 a thin, pointed rod on which meat is placed and turned while roasting. [1/2 definitions]
spoke2 a rod or bar that goes from the center of a wheel to the rim.
staff1 a pole or rod often used as an aid in walking or hiking; walking stick. [1/5 definitions]
switch a thin branch or rod used like a whip. [1/8 definitions]
torch a stick or rod with a burning material on one end that is lit and carried for light. [1/3 definitions]