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act to be a performer in plays or movies; play a role. [1/9 definitions]
adaptation the act or process of changing or adjusting something to fit in a new role or context. [1/4 definitions]
as1 in the role of. [1/7 definitions]
assumption a taking on of a duty, role, or position. [1/2 definitions]
audition to try out for a role or position by performing. [1/3 definitions]
bacteria microscopic organisms that often play a role in the decay of living things, the process of fermentation, and sometimes in causing disease. Bacteria are each made up of only one cell, but different kinds of bacteria can take different shapes. These organisms live in all parts of the earth including oceans, deserts, glaciers, hot springs, and in the bodies of most living things. While some kinds of bacteria are dangerous, most kinds are useful because they help in the digestion of food, in the making of soil, in the creation of medicines, and in many other natural processes.
executive a person who has a managing or directing role in a business or government. [1/4 definitions]
fitness the degree to which someone is suitable for a job or role. [1/2 definitions]
function the purpose or role that an object or a person fulfills or is suited for. [1/3 definitions]
Ganges River a river that flows through northern India and central Bangladesh into the Indian Ocean. The Ganges River is especially important to the people of India and plays an important role in the religion of Hinduism.
habit clothes worn for a specific purpose or role. [1/3 definitions]
mentor someone who plays an important role in another person's life as a guide and teacher.
part a role, as in some process or activity. [2/13 definitions]
star one who has a leading role in a play or movie. [2/8 definitions]
step on someone's toes to annoy or anger by trying to take over someone else's job or role.