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bagel a kind of bread roll that is shaped like a ring. Bagel dough is boiled in water before it is baked.
ball bearing a machine part made of a groove in the shape of a circle with metal balls that roll in it. A ball bearing lets an axle or other part move easily.
bolt1 a large roll of cloth. [1/8 definitions]
bowl2 to roll the ball in bowling, or pitch the ball in the sport of cricket. [1/2 definitions]
bun a loaf of bread small enough for a single serving; roll. [1/2 definitions]
cigar a thin, tight roll of tobacco leaves prepared for smoking.
croissant a roll in the shape of a crescent, usually made with a good deal of butter.
hedgehog a very small animal with a pointed nose and a very short tail. Hedgehogs have brown and yellow fur with spines that stick out and protect them when they roll into a ball. They make tunnels in rows of bushes called hedges. Hedgehogs are insectivores; they are mammals that eat insects. Different kinds of hedgehogs live in Europe, Asia, and Africa. [1/2 definitions]
hot dog a hot, cooked sausage, sometimes called a frankfurter, eaten in a long, soft roll. [1/2 definitions]
jam1 to play or improvise jazz or rock-'n'-roll music with others. [1/8 definitions]
muffin a small roll that is similar to a cake but usually less sweet. Muffins are usually shaped like a cupcake and often contain nuts or bits of fruit. Muffins are a single serving and are often eaten warm or toasted.
paper towel a small sheet of absorbent paper that is used mostly in the kitchen as a towel for such things as wiping surfaces or cleaning up spills. Paper towels are usually attached to other paper towels as part of a roll.
rock2 a form of popular music with a strong beat and usually played loudly on electronic instruments such as guitars; rock-'n'-roll. [2/6 definitions]
rock-'n'-roll to listen to, dance to, or play rock-'n'-roll. [1/2 definitions]
rolling pin a hard, smooth cylinder of wood or marble with handles at each end. It is used to roll out dough.
scroll a roll of paper or parchment, used to write or draw on. [1/2 definitions]
somersault to tuck the body and roll head over heels either forward or backward. [1/2 definitions]
strike the knocking down of all pins with one roll of the ball in bowling. [1/15 definitions]
sub a sandwich made on a long roll; submarine sandwich. [1/4 definitions]
tumble to roll end over end while falling or while in flight. [1/5 definitions]
wad (informal) a roll or large amount of paper money. [2/3 definitions]