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circus a large, outdoor stadium in ancient Rome used for public events and games. [1/2 definitions]
classic (plural) the literature of ancient Greece or Rome. [1/4 definitions]
gladiator a man in ancient Rome who fought other men or animals, often to the death, to entertain an audience.
Italy a country in southern Europe. Rome is the capital of Italy.
Latin the language of ancient Rome. The Romance languages are derived from Latin. [2/4 definitions]
legion an army unit in ancient Rome that was made up of soldiers on foot and on horseback. [1/2 definitions]
Roman having to do with modern or ancient Rome or its people. [2/4 definitions]
Roman Catholic Church a Christian church that is headed by the pope, the bishop of Rome.
Roman Empire the lands ruled by ancient Rome, stretching from Britain to North Africa and the Middle East.
Vatican City a small, independent state within the city of Rome, Italy. Vatican City is ruled by the pope of the Catholic Church.