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beet a plant whose leaves and fleshy dark red root can be eaten.
briar a pipe made from the root of a brier.
brier2 a shrub of southern Europe. The brier's woody root is used in making tobacco pipes.
carrot a plant that produces an orange root that is eaten as a vegetable. [2 definitions]
derivation something taken from a root or source; something derived. [1/3 definitions]
ginger the root of a tropical plant, used as a spice to flavor food. [2 definitions]
licorice a flavoring made from the root of this plant. [1/3 definitions]
parsnip a plant like a carrot. The parsnip has yellow flowers and a large, pale root that can be eaten. [2 definitions]
radical having to do with the root or source; basic; fundamental. [1/4 definitions]
radish a plant that has a crisp and strong-tasting root. [2 definitions]
root1 to grow a new root or roots. [1/8 definitions]
rout2 to root about with the snout. [1/3 definitions]
sweet potato an orange root that is eaten as a vegetable. A sweet potato looks like an orange potato, but the two plants are not closely related.
turnip a plant that is safe to eat and that has a large white root and hairy leaves that are sometimes used as greens. [2 definitions]
yam the root of a tropical climbing plant, or the plant itself. The root is eaten as a cooked vegetable. [1/2 definitions]