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badminton a sport in which players use rackets to hit a small rubber object back and forth across a high net.
balloon a small bag made of rubber or other strong, light material that can be filled with air, or a gas lighter than air, and used as a decoration or toy. [1/3 definitions]
boot a covering for the foot and all or some of the leg. Boots are usually made of leather or rubber. [1/4 definitions]
fin a rubber flipper worn on the feet by an underwater swimmer. [1/3 definitions]
flipper one of a pair of flat, rubber shoes shaped like a frog's foot and used for swimming or underwater diving. [1/2 definitions]
foam used as a short form of "foam rubber," a soft, man-made material that feels similar to a sponge. [1/6 definitions]
foam rubber a firm, light rubber that feels like sponge. Foam rubber is often used to make seats and mattresses.
handball the small rubber ball used in this game. [1/2 definitions]
home plate a flat slab of hard rubber at which the batter stands in a baseball game. The base runner must touch home plate in order to score a run.
hose a flexible tube of rubber or plastic through which a liquid can pass. [1/3 definitions]
mattress a large pad that supports the body while sleeping, made of a strong fabric filled with soft material such as cotton, hair, straw, or foam rubber.
mouthpiece a rubber or plastic object worn inside the mouth to protect the teeth. [1/2 definitions]
nipple a rubber cap on a baby's bottle. [1/2 definitions]
overshoe a rubber or plastic boot worn over other shoes in order to protect them from water or snow.
pad1 a cushion used for holding ink for rubber stamps. [1/7 definitions]
plantation a large farm or estate used for growing rubber, cotton, or other crops to sell.
plug an object made of cork, rubber, or other material used to block an opening. [1/4 definitions]
puck the hard rubber disk that is used in ice hockey. Players try to hit the puck into the net to score a goal.
racquetball a game played by two or four players in a small court with four walls. The players use rackets to hit a rubber ball against the walls.
raft1 a wide boat of rubber or similar material, with a flat bottom and tubes filled with air that serve as the front, back, and sides. [1/3 definitions]
rubber1 this substance made tougher through a chemical process. Rubber is used to make tires, erasers, rubber bands, and many other things. [3/4 definitions]