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action verb a verb that shows its subject performing some action. "Run," "eat," "fly," and "sing" are examples of action verbs.
blur to cause to run together or become confused. [1/5 definitions]
breakdown a failure to work or run correctly. [1/2 definitions]
chase1 to follow with the goal of catching; run after. [1/3 definitions]
cooperative a project that is owned and run by several people. [1/3 definitions]
council a group of persons gathered together to discuss or make decisions about public matters. For example, a city council may make laws for or give advice on how to run a city.
course to move or run swiftly; race. [1/7 definitions]
crouch to lower the body close to the ground by bending the legs. A cat about to pounce crouches, as does a person getting ready to run in a race. [1/2 definitions]
dash to move swiftly; run rapidly; rush. [2/8 definitions]
deer a mammal with short fur, long legs, and a long neck. Deer have hooves on their feet and can run very fast. The males of most kinds of deer grow and shed antlers every year. Deer are herbivores that chew their cud. Caribou, elk, moose, reindeer, and white-tailed deer are all kinds of deer.
democrat a person who believes that government should be run by the people or that all people are equal. [1/2 definitions]
derby a horse race run every year and limited to three-year-old horses. [1/2 definitions]
drool to let saliva run from the mouth.
elope to run away and marry in secret.
flee to run away or escape. [2 definitions]
function to run or operate, especially in a way that is normal or desired. [1/3 definitions]
gallop to move or run forward rapidly; go fast. [1/3 definitions]
greyhound a breed of dog. Greyhounds have a narrow body and head and long legs. They can run very fast.
ground1 to run against the ground. [1/9 definitions]
home plate a flat slab of hard rubber at which the batter stands in a baseball game. The base runner must touch home plate in order to score a run.
homer a home run in baseball or softball.