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all right not harmed or damaged; safe. [1/4 definitions]
bumper car one of a number of miniature electric cars that are part of an amusement at a fair or carnival. People ride in the cars and try to bump into other cars or escape from being bumped. The cars are designed to be safe and enjoyable for the riders.
case2 a container for holding, carrying, or keeping safe.
chaperone an adult who goes along with young people in a social situation to make sure they behave properly and are safe.
condemn to declare not safe or fit for use. [1/3 definitions]
conservative not willing to take chances or risks; safe; not too extreme. [1/6 definitions]
conserve to keep safe from loss, waste, or destruction. [1/2 definitions]
dangerous likely to cause harm; not safe.
deposit to hand over to a bank or other safe place. [1/7 definitions]
edible able to be eaten as food; safe.
ensure to protect or make safe. [1/2 definitions]
file1 a holder for keeping papers or other objects safe and in order. [1/6 definitions]
footing the safe or firm placing of the feet while moving. [1/3 definitions]
harbor any shelter or safe place. [1/5 definitions]
inedible not safe to be eaten.
insecure without enough protection; not safe or secure. [1/3 definitions]
lock1 a mechanical device for keeping others from opening a door, window, or a safe. Locks are usually opened with a key or a combination. [1/5 definitions]
police to control, keep safe, or cause to obey the law. [1/3 definitions]
preserve to keep safe from loss. [1/5 definitions]
protect to defend or keep safe; shield from danger or harm.
protection the act of keeping something safe from harm or the condition of being protected. [1/2 definitions]