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asylum a place that offers safety. [1/3 definitions]
caravan a band of people traveling together. Caravans are often formed for safety when crossing a remote area like a desert. [1/3 definitions]
evacuate to leave or to empty of people for safety reasons. [1/2 definitions]
harbor to provide shelter or safety for. [1/5 definitions]
haven a place of safety, shelter, or comfort. [1/2 definitions]
hold on to hold an object for the support or safety of your body or because you do not want to lose it. [1/2 definitions]
peace civil order and safety; law and order. [1/3 definitions]
refugee a person forced to leave his or her home or country to seek safety or protection.
safety belt a harness that fits across the lap and often the chest of a person riding in a car or airplane; seat belt. Safety belts are worn for protection. [1/2 definitions]
safety pin a pin folded back on itself to form a clasp. There is a spring at one end and a guard at the other end to cover the point. A safety pin is used to hold two pieces of cloth or other material together.
secure giving safety. [1/10 definitions]
security freedom from fear or danger; safety. [1/2 definitions]
USDA the government agency responsible for regulations on the safety of food. USDA is an abbreviation for the United States Department of Agriculture.