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biscuit the British word for a small, thin, crisp, plain or salty cake. Biscuit often has the same meaning as cracker. [1/3 definitions]
bitter having a sharp, bad taste that is neither sour nor salty. [1/3 definitions]
fresh not salty. [1/7 definitions]
freshwater of or having to do with water that is not salty. [2 definitions]
fresh water water that is not salty.
Lake Baikal a large lake located in the part of Russia that is in Asia. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and also contains the most water. It is a freshwater lake, which means that the water is not salty.
Lake Maracaibo a large bay in northwestern Venezuela. Lake Maracaibo is called a "lake," but its water is salty, and it is connected to the Caribbean Sea by a narrow strait.
sweat to give off a salty fluid from the skin pores to cool the body. [1/5 definitions]
sweet having a taste like that of sugar or honey; not bitter, salty, or sour. [1/7 definitions]
taste bud one of the bumps on the surface of the tongue that form the sense organ of taste. The taste buds sense whether something is sweet, sour, salty, or bitter.
tear1 a drop of salty liquid that comes from the eye. Tears clean the eye and keep it wet. [1/2 definitions]
terrapin a turtle that lives in fresh or somewhat salty water. It is found in North America and can be eaten as food.