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applesauce a sweet sauce made by cooking apples until they are soft.
barbecue the food cooked in this way, often having a special sauce. [2/4 definitions]
chili a dish like a thick soup made with red beans, ground meat, onion, and tomato sauce, and flavored with a spice made from chilies. [1/2 definitions]
cocktail1 an item of food or drink served before a meal, such as juice, mixed chopped fruit, or cold seafood with a sauce. [1/2 definitions]
dip a sauce or soft mixture for dipping small pieces of food. [1/8 definitions]
dressing a sauce for certain foods. [1/3 definitions]
gravy a sauce made from the juice that drips from cooking meat.
ketchup a thick red sauce for meat or potatoes made with tomatoes and spices.
lasagna long, wide, flat noodles, or a dish made of these noodles that is baked with sauce, cheese and ground meat or vegetables.
macaroni and cheese a popular lunch or dinner dish made with noodles combined with a cheese sauce. The noodles are called macaroni, and they have the shape of short, curved tubes. Macaroni and cheese is served hot, either as an entree or a side dish.
meatball chopped or ground meat that is seasoned, shaped into a small ball, and cooked, often in a sauce.
pizza an Italian food made of a flat crust covered with tomato sauce, cheese, and often meat or vegetables and then baked.
salsa a spicy sauce made with peppers, onions, and tomatoes. It is used in Latin American food dishes.
spaghetti a form of pasta made in long, thin strings. Spaghetti is often served with a sauce that may contain meat or tomatoes.
toss to mix gently in order to coat with a sauce or dressing. [1/8 definitions]