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abrupt saying so little as to be rude or unpleasant. [1/2 definitions]
adage an old familiar saying that shows the wisdom of a group of people; proverb.
affirmative saying yes; affirming.
aloha a Hawaiian word used for saying either "hello" or "goodbye."
cartoon a drawing or series of drawings that make people laugh or think; comic strip. Cartoons often have words to show what a character is thinking or saying or to help explain what is happening. [1/2 definitions]
chatter to speak rapidly and without saying anything important. [1/5 definitions]
concise saying much in a few words; short and to the point.
expression a common saying. [1/4 definitions]
ground1 (sometimes plural) the reason or basis for saying or doing something. [1/9 definitions]
heckle to bother a public speaker or performer by saying rude things or asking annoying questions.
hedge to avoid saying what one thinks or will do by not answering directly. [1/3 definitions]
imply to hint or suggest without saying directly.
invite to bring about by doing or saying; to risk causing. [1/3 definitions]
jest a funny saying or action; joke. [1/2 definitions]
motto a short saying used as a reminder of a belief or rules of behavior.
negative saying or meaning "no." [1/6 definitions]
positive saying or meaning yes. [1/7 definitions]
pronunciation the act or manner of saying the sounds of words. [2 definitions]
proverb a short, often-used saying that expresses something wise or true.
trick-or-treat to take part in the Halloween custom of visiting neighbors while wearing a costume and asking for candy or other treats by saying the words "trick or treat!"