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behind the scenes not in view or on display; in private; in secret.
brownie a small fairy or elf who is believed to do good things around the house in secret at night. [1/3 definitions]
confidence a secret. [2/3 definitions]
confidential secret.
conspiracy a secret agreement among two or more people to do something wrong or illegal; plot.
corruption activity that is not honest, especially secret, illegal activity.
debug to remove secret microphones from. [1/2 definitions]
elope to run away and marry in secret.
exposure a showing or revealing of something, often a thing that is secret, private, or against the law. [1/6 definitions]
hide1 to keep as a secret. [1/3 definitions]
infiltrate to enter into in secret.
intrigue a secret plot or scheme. [1/2 definitions]
keep under wraps to keep secret or hidden.
leak the release of secret or private information without permission. [1/5 definitions]
leprechaun an elf in Irish folklore who knows about secret treasure. He must tell the location of the treasure to whomever can catch him.
let the cat out of the bag to reveal a secret.
mystery a matter that is secret or that cannot be known or explained. [1/2 definitions]
password a secret word or phrase that allows one to enter a place, or get information that is given only to those who use the password.
peek a quick or secret look. [1/2 definitions]
peep1 a quick or secret look; peek. [1/3 definitions]
plot1 a secret plan that has an illegal or dangerous purpose. [2/4 definitions]