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ask to seek an answer to; inquire. [1/5 definitions]
attempt to try or seek. [1/3 definitions]
berry to seek or gather berries. [1/2 definitions]
look for to try to find; seek.
Mass a religious ceremony in the Roman Catholic and certain other churches. At a Mass, people seek communion with God.
quest to search or hunt; seek (often followed by "for" or "after"). [1/2 definitions]
refugee a person forced to leave his or her home or country to seek safety or protection.
run to seek office in an election. [1/30 definitions]
sought past tense and past participle of "seek."
take cover to seek protection or a hiding place.
turn to seek help or support from (followed by "to"). [1/22 definitions]
want to seek in order to capture. [1/9 definitions]