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analyze to separate into parts for close study; examine and explain.
annex a building added to an existing building. An annex may be attached to or separate from the main building. [1/3 definitions]
apartheid a policy of keeping people of different races separate and unequal in a society.
blend to mix enough so that there no longer seem to be separate parts or ingredients. [1/4 definitions]
bobsled a long racing sled with two separate sets of runners, a steering wheel, and brakes. [1/2 definitions]
body a separate mass of land, water, or other matter. [1/5 definitions]
branch to separate into two or more paths, roads, or directions. [1/4 definitions]
break down to separate into smaller parts [1/2 definitions]
broken cracked or smashed into separate pieces, or no longer working. [1/5 definitions]
Christianity the Christian religion, including its many separate branches. [1/2 definitions]
colon1 This mark, used to separate the hour and minute in writing times of day, as in "2:43 in the afternoon." [1/2 definitions]
comma a punctuation mark (,). It is used to separate words, phrases, or other parts of a sentence or list, or to show a pause in speech. It is also used when writing numbers of one thousand or greater to mark off groups of three digits.
crack to break or snap but not into separate pieces. [2/9 definitions]
decimal point a period placed between the units and the tenths in decimal numbers. It is used when writing money amounts to separate dollars and cents.
department a separate part of a large organization, such as a government, school, or business.
department store a large store with separate departments, each selling a certain type of goods.
desegregate to stop the practice of having separate schools and other facilities for people of different races.
detach to separate from a whole.
different separate; not the same. [1/2 definitions]
disconnect to break the flow of electric current to; separate from the power source. [1/2 definitions]
distinct different or set apart; separate (sometimes followed by "from"). [1/3 definitions]