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cast to form into a hard object by pouring or setting material into a mold. [1/12 definitions]
colonist a member of a group setting up a colony. [1/2 definitions]
context the setting of a word or phrase in speaking or writing that determines or affects its meaning. Context can be pictures, sounds, other words, or physical surroundings.
ingenious clever or creative in setting up or working through problems.
isolation the act of setting apart, or the state of being set apart from other things or people. [1/2 definitions]
navigation the act or practice of setting a course for or finding one's way to a destination, especially by ship, aircraft, or other vehicle; the act or practice of navigating. [1/2 definitions]
ransom the payment demanded in return for setting a kidnapped person free, or the act of setting someone free by paying the price demanded. [1/2 definitions]
revolution the overthrow of a political system or government by force, and the setting up of a new government in its place. [1/4 definitions]
roller a small tube around which hair is rolled for setting. [1/4 definitions]
solitaire a single gem, such as a diamond or ruby, in a setting by itself. [1/2 definitions]