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antacid a substance people take to settle an upset stomach. Antacids work by reducing the strength of the acids that cause the upset.
arbitrate to make a decision about or settle. [2 definitions]
baking soda a white powder used to raise dough or batter during baking. It is also used to settle an upset stomach.
clinch to make certain or final; settle.
colony a place where a group of people come to settle which is under the control of their home country. [1/2 definitions]
decide to settle, choose, or solve. [1/3 definitions]
determine to decide or settle finally and without question. [1/3 definitions]
emigrate to leave one country or region in order to settle in another.
ground1 (always plural: grounds) tiny bits that settle at the bottom of a liquid. [1/9 definitions]
pay to settle by giving money. [1/9 definitions]
people to come to live in or settle. [1/5 definitions]
playoff in sports, final or extra games or rounds to settle a tie or decide a championship.
resolve to deal with in a successful way; settle. [1/3 definitions]
seal1 to settle with an action that is a sign of agreement. [1/5 definitions]
silt fine particles of earth, clay, or sand that eventually settle out of water.
sink to settle into or become covered by another substance (often followed by "in" or "into"). [1/8 definitions]