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a roof over one's head a place to live; home; shelter.
barn a large farm building used to shelter animals or store equipment or crops.
beehive a shelter in which bees live. [1/2 definitions]
camping the activity of staying for a while in an outdoor place and sleeping in a tent, or sleeping in another type of shelter made for staying overnight in natural places.
cover something laid over or on something else to shelter, protect, or hide. [1/6 definitions]
dugout a hole in the ground used as a shelter for protection from storms or bombs. [1/3 definitions]
garage a building or part of a building built to shelter cars, trucks, or other vehicles. [1/2 definitions]
hangar a shelter for aircraft.
harbor any shelter or safe place. [2/5 definitions]
haven a place of safety, shelter, or comfort. [1/2 definitions]
hostel a place that offers shelter at a low cost for young people who are traveling.
housing a shelter or place to live. [1/3 definitions]
hut a small house or shelter made of grass, mud, or logs.
hutch a pen or shelter for small animals such as rabbits. [1/2 definitions]
lair a wild animal's shelter; den.
lean-to a shelter that has one side that slopes up and serves as both a wall and a roof. The sloping side is supported by something like logs or posts. A lean-to is often open on the other ends or sides.
lodge a cabin, hut, or other shelter meant to be used by people doing outdoor activities. [1/7 definitions]
pavilion a light building with open sides used for shelter or recreation. [1/2 definitions]
port1 a place where ships can anchor and take shelter; harbor. [1/2 definitions]
pound3 a shelter for keeping stray animals.
retire to go away to be alone or find shelter. [1/3 definitions]