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beam to shine brightly. [1/5 definitions]
blaze1 to burn or shine with or as though with fire. [1/4 definitions]
bright strong or clear in color or shine. [1/5 definitions]
flash to shine brightly; gleam. [1/7 definitions]
flicker1 to burn or shine in an unsteady way. [1/4 definitions]
glisten to shine or sparkle with reflected light.
glitter to shine brightly; sparkle. [1/3 definitions]
gloss1 a shine on a surface.
glow to shine with bright light, as something very hot but flameless does. [1/6 definitions]
lantern a case or container that is made of a material through which a light can shine and be protected.
luster the shine of a surface that softly reflects light; glow.
moon the earth's natural satellite. It revolves around the earth from west to east in about 28 days. The moon joins the earth in its orbit around the sun. The moon does not give off light. Instead, its shine comes from the light it reflects from the sun. [1/2 definitions]
shellac a liquid used to coat furniture and floors to protect them and make them shine. [1/4 definitions]
shimmer to shine with a soft, flickering light.
shine to cause to shine; polish. [1/8 definitions]
shone a past tense and past participle of shine.
stream to pour forth beams of light; shine. [1/7 definitions]
twinkle to shine with a light that flickers or is not steady. [2/4 definitions]