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blouse a piece of clothing worn on the upper body, usually by women and girls. A blouse is similar to a shirt, but it may have more detailed sewing or more decoration, or it may be made of a fancier fabric such as satin or silk. A blouse is worn with either a skirt or pants.
cuff1 a band of material at the end of a shirt sleeve or pants leg that is folded over. A cuff is often sewn in place. [1/2 definitions]
garter an elastic band used to hold up a stocking or shirt sleeve.
jersey a knitted shirt that is often worn by people who play sports. A jersey is pulled on over the head. [2 definitions]
jumper2 a dress without sleeves worn over a shirt or blouse. [1/3 definitions]
necktie a strip of cloth worn around the neck, usually by men. A necktie is tucked under the collar of a shirt and knotted at the throat.
pinafore the British word for a sleeveless dress worn over a blouse or shirt. "Pinafore" has the same meaning as "jumper."
pullover a sweater or shirt that is put on and taken off by being pulled over the head.
sleeve the part of a shirt, dress, or other garment that covers all or part of the arm.
sweater a knitted shirt, pullover, or jacket.
sweatshirt a knitted pullover shirt with long sleeves. Sweatshirts are often worn during exercise to soak up sweat.
T-shirt a soft collarless shirt with short sleeves that is sometimes worn under another shirt. [2 definitions]
turtleneck a sweater or knit shirt with such a collar. [1/2 definitions]
tuxedo a complete suit of evening clothes for men that are worn on very formal occasions. A tuxedo consists of a black jacket with tails at the back, black trousers with a side stripe, and a special white shirt. It is worn with a bow tie.
undershirt a sleeveless shirt worn next to the skin, usually under other clothes.
vest a piece of clothing that has no sleeves, ends at the waist, and is worn over a shirt or blouse and sometimes under a jacket. [2/3 definitions]