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ashore to or onto the shore. [1/2 definitions]
barrier island a long narrow island that is parallel to the mainland. A barrier island helps protect the shore from being worn away by the action of the ocean's waves.
bluff1 a hill or shore with steep sides.
breaker1 a heavy ocean wave that breaks into foam on the shore or at sea.
dinghy a small boat used as a lifeboat or for short trips to shore and back.
foghorn a loud, deep horn on a ship or on the shore, used in fog or at night to give warning signals.
gangway a ramp that reaches from a ship to the shore; gangplank. [1/4 definitions]
inlet a bay, stream, or other narrow body of water that leads inland from a shore.
jetty1 a group of rocks or wooden beams built out into a body of water. Jetties are used to control the flow of water and protect the shore from strong waves. [1/2 definitions]
key2 a low island near shore.
land to come to the shore. [1/9 definitions]
lifeboat a boat made for quick rescue of people. It can be carried on a larger boat, or it can be used from shore.
offshore away from the shore. [3 definitions]
Ontario a south central province of Canada that lies on the north shore of the Great Lakes. Its capital is Toronto. [1/2 definitions]
plover a bird with a rounded body, a short tail, and a short bill. Plovers run along the sea shore in short starts and stops, looking for food. The killdeer is one of the many different kinds of plovers.
sandbar a ridge of sand in a river or near a shore. It is formed by the action of waves or currents.
seashell the shell of an oyster, clam, or other sea animal. Seashells are often found washed up on shore.
strand1 to beach, or leave behind on the shore. [1/2 definitions]
surf ocean waves that break on the shore or other land barriers. [1/2 definitions]
tide pool a body of water from the sea that remains as a rocky pool on the beach when the waves move back from the shore. Many types of aquatic animals and plants can live in a tide pool.
undertow a strong current of ocean water moving in the opposite direction from the waves moving toward shore.