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arrow a thin pointed rod that is shot from a bow. [1/2 definitions]
basket the open metal hoop and net through which the ball is shot to score points in basketball, or such an act of scoring. [1/3 definitions]
booster shot an injection of a vaccine given at some time after the first injection. A booster shot continues the protection against disease begun by the earlier injection.
bullet a small rounded or pointed metal object shot from a gun or rifle.
bull's-eye something that strikes the center of a target, such as a shot, or the act of striking the center of a target. [1/2 definitions]
dart a short arrow thrown with the hand or shot from a gun. [1/4 definitions]
grenade a small bomb that is thrown by hand or shot from a rifle after its fuse is set.
lead2 a heavy, soft gray metal that is one of the chemical elements. Because it is very heavy and dense, lead is useful for making things such as weights, shot, and shields that protect against radiation. (symbol: Pb) [1/2 definitions]
missile an object or weapon that is thrown or shot at a target that is far away. [2 definitions]
muzzle the open end of the barrel of a gun. A bullet is shot out of a gun through the muzzle. Old rifles were loaded through the muzzle. [1/6 definitions]
pellet a small bullet or small piece of shot. [1/2 definitions]
pow a word used to suggest the loud sound of a shot, blow, or explosion. [2 definitions]
projectile any object that is thrown, fired, or shot by an outside force or weapon.
rifle1 a gun that has a long barrel and that is shot from the shoulder.
round a single shot from a gun or larger weapon, or the ammunition for such a shot. [1/14 definitions]
squirt to be shot out in a thin jet; spurt. [2/5 definitions]