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accent a mark (' or `). Accents are used to show what parts of a word are to be said with more stress. [1/5 definitions]
acclaim to show enthusiastic approval of. [1/2 definitions]
acknowledge to show thanks for. [1/3 definitions]
acknowledgment something done to express thanks or show appreciation. [1/2 definitions]
age to show the signs of old age. [1/8 definitions]
apostrophe1 a punctuation mark ('). It is used to show where one or more letters or numbers have been left out. "Wouldn't" for "would not" and "'87" for "1987" use apostrophes this way. [2/3 definitions]
appearance outward show or aspect; seeming. [1/4 definitions]
approve to show approval or think well of something or someone. [1/3 definitions]
arrow a sign shaped like an arrow. An arrow is used to point out a place or show which way to go. [1/2 definitions]
asterisk a sign (*). It is used to show that there is other information on the page that explains the information where the sign is placed.
attest to show or prove the truth of. [1/2 definitions]
badge a pin, patch, or ribbon people wear to show that they belong to a group, have a particular job, or have done something special.
bare to uncover; show. [1/5 definitions]
bar graph a graph that uses bars of different lengths to show information.
be used with a present participle to show a continuing action. [2/8 definitions]
blaze2 a spot or mark on a tree to show a trail. [2/3 definitions]
blinker a flashing light, especially one used on a car to signal that the car will turn and to show which way it will turn.
bode1 to serve as a sign about the future; show ahead of time.
both used with "and" to show that two things are being included. [1/3 definitions]
box1 a section of a theater in which a small group of people sit to watch the show. [1/5 definitions]
brand a burn mark made on cattle or other animals with a hot iron to show who the owner is. [1/4 definitions]