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animated cartoon a motion picture made by photographing a series of drawings showing stages of movement. The motion seems real when the drawings are shown quickly one after another.
delusion a false belief that continues even when it has been shown to be false. Delusions may be caused by certain mental illnesses. [1/2 definitions]
dignity one's sense of worth; pride or self-respect as shown in one's appearance or behavior.
display in computers, the screen on which information is shown, or the information itself. [1/5 definitions]
exhibit a collection of things that are shown or on display for many people to look at. [1/3 definitions]
fair2 a gathering at which farm animals and farm produce are shown and judged. A fair is usually held over several days and includes games and amusements. [1/2 definitions]
Hermes the messenger of the gods, in Greek mythology. Hermes was also the god of travelers, of trade, of theft, and of skill in speaking. He is often shown with wings on his hat and shoes. In Roman mythology, Hermes is called Mercury.
motion picture a series of pictures or photographs shown one after the other on a screen. The pictures or photographs appear so quickly that they seem to be moving. [1/2 definitions]
movie (plural) a theater where motion pictures are shown. [1/2 definitions]
museum a building where collections of objects that are important to history, art, or science are kept and shown to the public.
phase one of the stages of the moon or smaller planets as they change their relation to the sun. A phase is shown by how much of the moon's or planet's lighted area can be seen. [1/2 definitions]
projection the way a film's picture is shown on a screen. [1/5 definitions]
prove to be found or shown in the end. [1/3 definitions]
reading the point shown on an instrument of measurement. [1/3 definitions]
release to allow to be shown, sold, or published. [1/4 definitions]
rerun a film or television program that is shown again. [1/3 definitions]
sacred shown great respect. [1/2 definitions]
scoreboard a large board on which the score in an athletic contest is shown, often along with other information about the game or players.
screen a large white surface on which movies, pictures, or other images can be shown. [1/7 definitions]
slide a piece of film on which there is a picture or diagram that may be shown on a screen. [1/11 definitions]
so in the way that is shown or told. [1/13 definitions]