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cackle the shrill, broken noise that a hen makes, especially after laying an egg. [1/4 definitions]
cicada a large insect with a stout body and two pairs of thin, clear wings. The male cicada makes a loud, shrill noise.
crow1 a shiny black bird known for its shrill, harsh cry. Crows are often seen looking for food.
killdeer a bird that is a kind of plover, with two black bands on a white breast. Killdeers are native to inland waters and fields of North America and have a loud, shrill cry that sounds like their name.
scream to make a shrill, loud cry or sound. [3/4 definitions]
screech to make a harsh, shrill cry or sound. [1/2 definitions]
shriek a loud shrill cry of fear, joy, or surprise. [2 definitions]
squeak a short, high, shrill sound or cry. [2 definitions]
squeal a fairly long, loud, shrill sound or cry. [1/3 definitions]
whistle to make shrill high sounds by forcing air through a small opening in the lips or a device. [2/9 definitions]