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about on each side of; around. [1/8 definitions]
abreast side by side. [1/2 definitions]
across from one side to the other of. [4/5 definitions]
adjoining being side by side, or touching.
alongside along, near, or by the side of. [2 definitions]
aorta the main artery of the body. The aorta carries blood from the left side of the heart to all parts of the body except the lungs.
appendix a short, closed tube of tissue that grows out of the large intestine. The appendix is on the right side of the lower abdomen. [1/2 definitions]
aside on or toward the side. [1/3 definitions]
aspect side or view. [1/4 definitions]
astride over or upon and with a leg on each side of. [2 definitions]
back the part of the body of a human or animal that is on the opposite side from the chest and between the neck and hips. [2/10 definitions]
backward with the back part or back side first or leading. [1/4 definitions]
bacon salted and smoked meat taken from the back and side of the pig.
behind in or at the back of; on the other side of. [1/7 definitions]
beside next to; at the side of. [1/2 definitions]
beyond past the farthest side of; farther on than; later than. [1/2 definitions]
breadth the distance measured from one side to the other side of something; width. [1/2 definitions]
catamaran a boat with two hulls joined side by side.
cheek either side of the face between the nose and the ear. [1/2 definitions]
cock2 to tip to one side or turn up; tilt.
comb a thin piece of plastic or other material that has teeth along one side. It is used to smooth, arrange, or hold hair in place. [1/5 definitions]