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beacon a signal of light or radio waves that guides or warns ships or aircraft.
beckon to signal to come using a motion of the head or hands.
beep a short, high sound that serves as a signal. A beep is made by an electronic device or a car horn. [3 definitions]
blinker a flashing light, especially one used on a car to signal that the car will turn and to show which way it will turn.
cue1 anything done or said during a play that is a signal for an actor to say or do something. [1/3 definitions]
flag1 to signal, using a flag or as if using a flag(sometimes followed by "down"). [1/2 definitions]
flare a bright light used to signal or give light. [1/5 definitions]
gavel a small wooden hammer. It is used by a judge or someone in charge of a meeting or auction to get attention, call for order, or signal a sale.
half-mast a point halfway down a flagpole. A flag is flown at half-mast as a sign of respect or sorrow when someone has died or, on a ship, as a signal of great need or trouble.
help used to express trouble; a signal for rescue. [1/8 definitions]
indicate to signal or serve as a sign, token, or index. [1/3 definitions]
interference static that makes a radio or TV signal not clear. [1/3 definitions]
keypad a small panel with keys or buttons. Keypads are used to send a signal to an electronic device. Computers, telephones, calculators, and remote controls all have keypads.
motion to signal by a movement of the body. [1/5 definitions]
pipe1 to make music or give a signal with a pipe. [1/6 definitions]
scanner2 a device that scans printed material and changes it into an electronic signal that can be read by a computer.
scramble to mix up a signal or message so that it cannot be understood. [1/8 definitions]
sign to communicate with a sign or signal. [1/7 definitions]
signal acting as a signal. [4/7 definitions]
taps (used with a singular verb) the signal played on a trumpet or drum in the U.S. military forces. Taps are used as a signal for lights to be put out, or at the end of a funeral service.
telephone a device used to send sound or some other signal over long distances by wire or radio waves. A telephone has a part for speaking into and a part for listening. [1/3 definitions]