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ass a person who acts or appears stupid or silly. [1/2 definitions]
blunder a silly or careless mistake. [2/3 definitions]
caper1 a playful trick or adventure; silly act. [1/3 definitions]
carry on to behave, especially verbally, in a foolish or silly way. [1/2 definitions]
clown a person who acts in a silly manner. [2/3 definitions]
crazy not reasonable or practical; silly; foolish. [1/4 definitions]
dizzy (informal) foolish or silly. [1/4 definitions]
fool a person who has been or is likely to be tricked or made to look silly. [2/6 definitions]
foolish not having good sense; silly.
frivolous likely to be too silly; lacking sense.
giddy not serious; silly. [1/2 definitions]
giggle to laugh in a silly or nervous way. [2 definitions]
goose (informal) a silly or stupid person. [1/4 definitions]
horse around to play in a silly or foolish way; to be very active.
insane very foolish or silly. [1/2 definitions]
juvenile foolish and silly; childish; not mature. [1/4 definitions]
make a spectacle of oneself to behave in a silly or foolish way in public.
make light of to treat as or consider silly or not important.
nonsense rude or silly behavior. [1/2 definitions]
ridiculous silly; foolish; laughable.
yap (slang) to talk in a loud and silly way. [1/3 definitions]