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affiliate a person or group that is connected with another similar, larger group. [1/2 definitions]
akin similar in kind or spirit; alike. [1/2 definitions]
alike like one another; similar. [1/2 definitions]
article a single thing; one item out of a group of similar objects. [1/4 definitions]
atmosphere the gases surrounding the earth or other similar objects in outer space. [1/3 definitions]
Band-Aid (lower case) any bandage that is similar. [1/3 definitions]
batch an amount of something or a number of similar things grouped or considered as a whole. [1/2 definitions]
birds of a feather a group of people who have similar interests, values, opinions, or backgrounds. (from the expression "Birds of a feather flock together.")
bison a similar animal that lives in Europe. Both kinds of bison are closely related. [1/2 definitions]
bite of insects or similar small creatures, to break into the skin of (a human or other mammal) in order to feed on blood. [1/10 definitions]
bleat any sound that is similar to the cry of a goat, sheep, or calf. [1/4 definitions]
blister a raised bubble in paint or a similar coating. [1/4 definitions]
blouse a piece of clothing worn on the upper body, usually by women and girls. A blouse is similar to a shirt, but it may have more detailed sewing or more decoration, or it may be made of a fancier fabric such as satin or silk. A blouse is worn with either a skirt or pants.
buck1 an adult male deer, goat, or rabbit. Adult males of some similar animals are also called bucks.
cage a similar structure that carries or protects people, such as an elevator car or a bank cashier's cage. [1/4 definitions]
chipmunk a small brown animal similar to a squirrel, having a striped back and a flat, bushy tail. Chipmunks eat nuts, seeds, berries, and insects. They make underground burrows for sleeping and for storing food. Chipmunks live in North America and Asia.
class a group of people or things that are similar in certain ways. [2/8 definitions]
compare to speak of (one thing) as similar to another. [2/4 definitions]
counter- a prefix that means "similar in function or purpose." [1/2 definitions]
counterpart someone or something that is just like or similar to another. [2 definitions]
creepy of or causing a feeling of anxiety, fear, or disgust similar to that which might be produced by something crawling on one's skin.