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austere having only what is needed; very simple or plain. [1/2 definitions]
bare plain; simple. [1/5 definitions]
birdhouse something constructed by humans as a place for a bird to build its nest. A birdhouse often looks like a small, simple house.
bow tie a short necktie tied in a simple, flat bow.
breeze (informal) a simple or quickly finished task. [1/3 definitions]
cabin a small house, usually built in a simple or rough way. [1/2 definitions]
café an informal, often small, restaurant that usually specializes in coffees, simple meals, and desserts.
childlike of or like a child; innocent; simple.
complicated not simple; having many parts that are connected in various ways. [1/2 definitions]
device an invention or machine used to perform simple tasks or something else made for a specific purpose. [1/2 definitions]
figure a simple picture or form. [1/10 definitions]
folk music music made up and played by the common people of a region or country. Such music is often simple, with parts that are played over and over.
homely not fancy or special; simple. [2/3 definitions]
homespun plain, simple. [1/3 definitions]
humble low in cost, rank, or position; simple. [1/3 definitions]
infinitive the simple form of a verb that has no subject and does not show past, present or future tense. It is usually formed by the word "to" followed by the base form of a verb. In the sentence, "I want to leave now," "to leave" is an infinitive.
jot to write in a quick and simple way (usually followed by "down").
modest simple or humble in appearance. [1/3 definitions]
monk a man who has joined other men in a religious community and taken vows to live a simple life.
neat careful and exact; organized and simple. [1/3 definitions]
plain not complicated or fancy; without anything extra; simple. [1/6 definitions]