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adequate enough for the situation or need.
applicable relevant or appropriate to a given situation; capable of being applied.
apt right for a particular situation; appropriate or suitable. [1/3 definitions]
bail1 (informal) to help out of a difficult situation (often followed by "out"). [1/3 definitions]
better off in a happier or improved condition or situation.
bind a bad or difficult situation. [1/4 definitions]
chaperone an adult who goes along with young people in a social situation to make sure they behave properly and are safe.
check the situation in chess in which the king is under attack by an opponent's piece. [1/11 definitions]
circumstance a condition or fact connected with or having an effect on an event or situation.
comfort to give relief from a painful or difficult situation; soothe. [1/3 definitions]
competitive having a strong desire to win or do better than others in almost every situation. [1/2 definitions]
complacent too satisfied with oneself or one's situation.
complication something that makes a situation more difficult or complicated.
crisis a situation that is not stable or certain. [1/2 definitions]
dilemma a situation that requires a choice between two actions, neither of which will be a good solution.
disadvantage a condition or situation that makes it more difficult to succeed. [1/2 definitions]
emergency a serious situation or sudden crisis that calls for fast action.
endanger to put in a dangerous situation.
end up to enter into a situation or place or action as the final choice or result.
entangle to cause to get involved in a difficult situation. [1/2 definitions]
expect to consider fitting or proper in a particular situation. [1/5 definitions]